Accounting ethics case study | Accounting homework help


Please read the case study and answer the questions that follow. Case Study: Hollinger International—

Conrad Moffat Black, the owner, was a colorful individual. He owned many publishing companies, including the Chicago Tribune. He had no problem in cutting corners to get what he wanted. Many of the board members of the firm were close associates of Mr. Black’s.

  1. How did upper management set into motion an unethical environment?
  2. What might be the ethical theory that could explain Mr. Black’s character and behavior? Why?
  3. Could a standard of duty operate within a Black-owned company?
  4. What ethical theory could the board of directors engage or apply in the oversight of Mr. Black?
  5. What might be your actions if you worked for a firm owned by Mr. Black? Based on what ethical theory, and why?

essay should be formatted in APA format, 4 pages long, 3 + scholarly references

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