Adidas environmental scan marketing due today

 write a short (2-5 page), original research paper on the environment faced by our target company. Note: clarity, grammar, and spelling count. In this paper, you should:

• Identify significant trends within each of the following six external environmental forces and categorize them as Opportunities or Threats: Social Trends, Technology Developments, Economic Factors, Demographic Shifts, Political/ Regulatory Elements, Cultural Trends

• Discuss the primary competitive issues and the significant trends within this industry. Categorize them as Opportunities or Threats for our firm.

• Discuss the Strengths or Weaknesses of our firm’s ability to respond to or leverage these trends and issues. Support your comments with specific examples.

• Provide a BCG matrix for the primary product lines, and relative contribution of each line to the competitive firm’s revenue.

• Summarize key points from the scan and make recommendations for our firm.

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