Article 3 review | criminology | University of Illinois at Springfield

Please read this before bid!!!!. It is important that the article is Empirical Articles. 2 Pages, Due Sunday at 12 pm Chicago central time.

Topic: Domestic violence against women

What I mean by empirical research is primary research done by the authors that show they conducted a study, which includes the collection and analysis of data, explanation of findings, discussion of limitations, and a summary of future research implications. Usually 30 pages

Article review requirements:

1.   Begin the article review with APA-style citation of the article you are reviewing at the top of the page.  For each step hereafter, remember to paraphrase. Direct lifting of phrases will be considered plagiarism. Also, the use of direct quotations is prohibited.  Make sure to properly cite your reviewed journal article throughout your article review. 

2.   Discuss the purpose of the article.  What is the research question that the author is trying to answer?  Why is answering this question important?   E.g., are there gaps in the prior research literature or important policy implications?

3.   Summarize how the author attempted to answer the research question. What data and methods were used? For example, who did the author study?  Where did the data come from? 

4.   Summarize the study’s findings.

5.   Discuss the limitations of the study as well as its implications for policy and future research. 

Formatting requirements for article reviews:

1.   At least one-and-a-half pages in length, two pages maximum in length.

2.   Typed, 12 pt. Times New Roman font

3.   Double-spaced, 1-inch margins around page

4.   “Article Review #(1, 2, or 3)” in the header of the page, aligned right.  Put your name in the header of the page, aligned left.  No title page or abstract is required for these assignments.   

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