Behavior model: maintain class records sequence diagram

The Courses and Classes Records System contains the Maintain Class records use case description and the class diagram of a new software product that keeps track of the records of both courses and their offerings as classes for educational institutions.

The goal of this software product is to maintain and track information about the courses offered by the institution and the classes with which these courses are offered. The product supports two kinds of classes—online classes accessible over the internet and face-to-face classes offered on the grounds of the educational institution. The users of the system are the staff of the institution.

You are hired as a consultant software architect to generate the sequence diagram for the Maintain Class records use case by utilizing the information in the use case description and the class diagram.

Links to UML drawing tools:


  • Sequence diagram
  • Verification and validation of your work
  • An explanation of your work and how you arrived at your solution
  • A reflection on your learning experience and lesson learned
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