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Writing Assignment: Module 5 (300-350 Words)


This writing assignment allows you to use readings, videos, and classroom discussions to evaluate the place that interpersonal communication has in real life. Communication in theory is important, but evaluated communication can help you to articulate, argue, defend, judge, or support your efforts to making real changes for yourself and those around you. 


Based upon your reading of the Wood (2020) textbook, your viewing of the module videos, and your participation in class discussion, outline the steps you would take to ensure a mutually satisfying outcome in a specific conflict that you have experienced. Explain why you chose these particular steps.

*Write a short paper, with the following elements:

1. A clear introduction paragraph that grabs the readers’ attention, states your thesis statement (main idea), and previews the points you will use to support your thesis.

2. Body paragraph(s). Write one paragraph for each supporting point, or one single paragraph that addresses each of the supporting points.

3. A conclusion paragraph that re-addresses your thesis, summarizes your supporting points, and ties it all together with a final thought.

Format your essay with the following requirements:

– Put your name, course and section number, and assignment title on the cover page.

– Use one-inch margins.

– Use a 12-point Times New Roman font.

– Use double line spacing in the document.

– Cite the sources that you use to back-up the thesis of your paper using APA citation style. (opens in a new window)

Resources For This Assignment What the Videos Below

The beauty of conflict | Clair Canfield | TEDxUSU

A person wearing a suit and tie  Description automatically generated with medium confidenceWatch Video 

The beauty of conflict | Clair Canfield | TEDxUSU 

Duration: 15:25 
User: n/a – Added: 12/1/16

For many, conflict is considered a negative experience and an indication that something has gone wrong. Is it really?

Dare to disagree | Margaret Heffernan

A person with yellow hair  Description automatically generated with low confidenceWatch Video 

Dare to disagree | Margaret Heffernan 

Duration: 12:56 
User: n/a – Added: 8/6/12

Most people instinctively avoid conflict, but as Margaret Heffernan shows us, good disagreement is central to progress.

Ethnocentrism Video

A group of people in a room  Description automatically generated with low confidenceWatch Video 

Ethnocentrism Video 

Duration: 2:33 
User: n/a – Added: 12/6/09 

YouTube URL:

A Black Eyed Peas song “Where is the Love” accompanies ethnocentrism pop ups and arresting photographs to explain the dangers of ethnocentrism.

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