Course reflection | Computer Science homework help

please read the discussion below and respond using 150 words or more.

               My hope heading into this course was that I would become  more proficient and better understand coding using different data  structures. I would say that I certainly accomplished that though I am  still far from proficient. The feedback from the professor was at times  helpful at improving my code. I only began programming when I started to  pursue this degree, so I have been at it for hardly any time at all. To  achieve what would be considered satisfactory coding for this course in  the Case Assignments and Session Long Projects, I think someone needs  to have a background in programming. If your code achieves the goal but  is not well polished, you won’t achieve good marks. I learned a lot in  this session, and I am coming away from this class more educated about  the topic. The class achieved its purpose and I understand why it is  part of the degree path. 

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