Develope source to target mapping test plan template

I need an person who high skilled IT project manager, data analyst or business systems analyst to assist me with a source to target mapping test plan template. 


Nothing fancy.  Just something to guide me in right direction.  I need an IT professional


I have to create a source to target mapping test plan to provide to data owners where I am extracting their data to integrated into a data repository.  The data in the data repository will be used to display in web application.



There is an ETL process.  In the ETL there are no changing dimensions or transformation logic to the data.  The mapping is a direct 1 to 1 mapping from source to the target elements.  I 


I need it as word doc or spread sheet format with scenarios in a template format with dummy data that I can use as example to give to data validator testers.  The template would provide scenarios where they can perform 1 for 1 mapping comparing data elements to validate the expected values.  


Scenarios will crosswalk the source tables against the target tables.  This includes source data type and target data type are the same, to ensure they displaying correcting in the UI.  Make sure there is no missing data, and length of data types in both source and target are mapping correctly.  I hope this helps.  I just need a template to guide me in the right direction on how to create it.  

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