Discussion question – 200 words | Masters in Management and Leadership | Campbellsville University

 Module 1 Discussion Forum – Due May 19 & 23

Give an example of how you have exerted leadership on or off the job in a situation in which you did not have a formal leadership position. Explain why you describe your activity as leadership.

Note: Because your first paragraph is an example from your life, you do not need references for it. However, you DO need a reference in the second part where you explain why you describe it as leadership. One reference is sufficient.


Post your response to the weekly question by Wednesday midnight. This posting should be at least 200 words. Respond to one other posting by Sunday midnight. Your primary posting can end with a “tag-line” or a related question of yours. Your secondary postings can either answer another student’s question, or comment on their answering my question.

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