future trends in gender | Sociology homework help

This assignment provides you an opportunity to compare the different behavioral patterns of consumption between men and women. You will also assess future trends in marketing to women and women’s participation in the consumer market.

  1. Watch the following video on Marketing to Women vs. Men.

Watch VideoMarketing to Women vs. MenDuration: (4:22)
User: theliptv – Added: 3/20/13YouTube URL:
This short video contains an interview with Fabio Viviani, a famous chef. He reaffirms Bridget Brennan’s information on women as the world’s most powerful consumers. He also discusses how differently men and women consider making a purchase. Signs of the different socialization of women and men are apparent in this discussion as well.

  1. After watching the video on men and women as consumers and reading the article on tween girls selling products from the home, reflect on what you have learned for this journal entry. Following the rubric for journal entries, include the following in your submission in order to receive full credit:
    • 1)Contrast the motivation for consumption (shopping) between men and women.
    • 2)What do you think the future trend of womens’ involvement in marketing and executive level careers will be?
    • 3)How do you see the middle school girls home business in the near future? Will it flourish or fade away? Explain.
    • As always, please use plenty of examples from the video and reading to support your answer.
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