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For this assignment, students are required to Write a Paper and Create a Video Report on an interview with a healthcare professional. 

Select a topic from the list below [must be a different topic from the one you chose for Assignment #l] or clear a topic with the Instructor beforehand.

The purpose of this assignment is to raise the awareness of a specific employee in a specific health care setting regarding a potentially critical aspect of his/her responsibilities. Target the right issue, the correct employee.  In other words, the employee should be either a head nurse or senior administrator thus your discussion should be as you are interviewing specific employees on their specific responsibilities and the specific consequences of failing in those responsibilities.

For example: The False Credentials paper issue would be for HR offices while the Critical Event might be for operating room technicians. Patient Treatment Consent might be a good paper for a Palliative Care Organization or an Oncology Clinic discharge planning staff. The paper must discuss accurate information for the setting with full consideration of the relevant state and federal laws with citations that are accessible by the instructor. The paper can ask questions and use graphics to deliver certain points of information but the graphics must be an addendum to the paper and not in the body of the paper. The paper should include in its conclusion “For more information about this issue…” and include a reference or references in your Conclusion.

  • The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA)
  • Elder abuse Mandatory Reporting
  • Child abuse Mandatory Reporting
  • HIV Mandatory Reporting
  • The False Claims Act- the civil penalties
  • TB Mandatory Reporting
  • Proper treatment of environmental hazards.
  • Medical error-Critical Incident
  • False credentials of health care personnel
  • Medical Charting violation
  • Violation of HIPAA- confidentiality
  • Failure to treat patients in a timely manner
  • Patient Choice and treatment consent


Outline: Must use the headings from the outline below in your paper and the paper must be in a narrative form not outline or bullet format. A penalty will be deducted from paper if underlined headings not used in your paper. 

1. Purpose of Paper, topic chosen, applicable Federal and/or state laws

State the purpose of the paper and discuss why you chose the particular topic, and provide the official title of the applicable federal and/or state law, the statute and section number.  Must be either a federal/state statute and you must cite both, if applicable. Thus if there is both a federal and state law that covers the subject you selected, then you must cite both the applicable federal and a state law. Summarize in this paragraph the relevant language from the law that applies to your issue.  If there is a relevant health care organizational policy that you can find, then please add that also. Do not assume that there is just a federal and or state law. In most cases, there are both federal and state laws. You must use the laws cited in this section throughout the rest of the paper.

2. The specific targeted employee group and specific health services setting

Pick a specific health care setting and specific employee within the health care setting and then discuss, in detail, why you picked the specific employee and the specific health care setting.  Examples of health care settings are the ER, the OR, nursing facilities, etc. Specific employee group may include doctors, nurses, program administrators, etc. Please be mindful to tailor your assignment to a specific employee and specific health care setting. Do not discuss your topic in general terms. 

  • The information gathered from the interview with a healthcare should be incorporated into the written paper in a paraphrased or quoted format (no more than 15% of the text for all citations in total).

3. Discussion of Three Critical Aspects of Employee’s responsibilities 

You are trying to improve the quality of care in your health care organization. Thus, in this discussion area, you are using the information you gathered from interviewing a specific employee about their specific responsibilities and the specific consequences of failing in those three responsibilities. You must discuss at least three (3) specific employee critical responsibilities. You must also specifically relate the applicable federal and/or state law as to the specific consequences [you may also add relevant hospital policies as well if found] for failing in each of those responsibilities and provide citations to support the consequences. Be sure and include in the discussion the relevant law and hospital policies. Describe how each of them is relevant to the employees’ critical responsibilities. The outline below is to help you organize your thoughts but you must use a narrative format to discuss each area.  Be sure and use my underlined headings below.

a)     Discussion of Employee Specific Critical Responsibility 1

  1. Discussion of specific consequence(s)  for failing in this responsibility
  2. Discussion of a specific statutory requirement
  3. A specific real-life legal case illustrating the consequences for violating the specific responsibility.

b)     Discussion of Employee Specific Critical Responsibility 2

  1. Discussion of specific consequence(s)  for failing in this responsibility
  2. Discussion of a specific statutory requirement
  3. A specific real-life legal case illustrating the consequences for violating the specific responsibility.

c)     Discussion of Employee Specific Critical Responsibility 3

  1. Discussion of specific consequence(s)  for failing in this responsibility
  2. Discussion of a specific statutory requirement
  3. A specific real-life legal case illustrating the consequences for violating the specific responsibility.

4. Conclusion – Provide a summary of employee’s critical responsibilities, consequences and the impact failing in those critical responsibilities may have on the quality of health care. Also, add a statement “For more information about this issue…” and include a reference or references for further information on the issue you discussed.

5. References

End of headings

The paper must be:

  • Late penalties: See Course Syllabus.
  • Be sure and use the headings found in the outline in your paper. The paper must be in a narrative format, not outline or bullets. 
  • Double spaced and be 4-5 pages in 12 point New Times Roman font.
  • Include a cover page [not counted as a page] which should have student name and title of your paper [Provide a short name for the legal responsibility the specific health care organization has for one type of patient right in a specific setting ] 
  • A the end of the paper a list of references in APA Format [not counted as a page]    
  • Be prepared using word-processing software and saved with a .doc, .docx, or .rtf extension. No pdf.
  • Be uploaded to your Assignments Folder by 11:59 p.m. EST on the due date. 
  • The paper, along with the video, is to be posted in Assignment #3 drop box.
  • Must cite to the source for all your facts in the text of your paper in APA format.

Example of an in-text citation:

(Ernst, & Young, 2000 p14).

Example of the source cited on Reference page in APA format:


Healthcare Financial Management Association (U.S.), Ernst, & Young. (2000). Health care system reform: A provider perspective: survey results. Westchester, Ill.: Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Paper will be 4-5 pages in length not counting cover page and reference pages.

Grading rubric for Paper Assignment 3 is with the assignment in the Assignment area of class. 

CREATE A VIDEO REPORT BASED on an INTERVIEW. Students should identify a specific healthcare employee that has responsibilities to carry out the topic selected. Students should then interview the employee and video record the presentation based on the paper you write.

  • The video should be no longer than 3-4 minutes (you can use a PPT, pictures or another format as background for your video presentation).
  • Students should use “screencast-o-matic” to record the video at  This software is free of charge and the product does not need to be uploaded to the Internet. 
  • The faculty must approve the utilization of another video recording software before the class starts. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure the software is free of charge, compliant with copy/licensure laws and requirements, ADA accessible, visible to the faculty and other stakeholders as well as compatible with LEO.
  • Students are to create a video “report”. That means the student should be the only person to appear in the video. Students should neither ask an interviewee to be videotaped or have the interview appear on camera in the video. The format of the video is similar to the Introduction Video in Discussion Board #1 where the student is the only person in the video.
  • Students can interview a health care professional in person, via phone, Skype, WebEx, etc. However, students must provide specific identifying information for the interviewee in the video and paper to ensure authentication ie., the interviewee’s full name, employer, etc.    
  • Students who do not know or cannot find a healthcare professional that has responsibilities for the topic selected should use UMUC’s Career Quest to locate a healthcare professional to interview at
  • Students should use the Interview Script and Interview Questions for the interview-presentation i.e. make sure you ask the interviewee all the questions on this sheet. See attachment.
  • Students should submit the video and the paper by the deadline via the assignment folder.
  • Voice recording is not approved for this assignment.


Questions for Assignment #3

Hello My Name is

[insert your name]

and this interview is being conducted for HMGT 

372 –Legal




in Healthcare for the

Spring 2018 class. I am here today 


[insert name of your interviewee]

who has worked at

[insert name of interviewee’s 

place of employment]


[insert years of employment]

as a

[insert name of interviewee’s




name of interviewee]

thanks for allowing me to interview you.

Can you tell us about your current job


what are your


responsibilities, how 

many employees do you supervise, etc ?

Do you have any


responsibilities for

[insert name of your topic



charting violations]?

What federal/state laws

do you have to comply with in order to carry out this 


Can you discuss 3 critical responsibilities you have under [insert your topic]?

What are the consequences if you or someone on your staff

fails to

comply with



Are there administrative consequences? 

Are there legal consequences?

How do you keep up to date on new laws and regulations regarding

[insert topic]


ensure compliance?

How would you define a successful

[name of interviewee’s position



Thank you for your time. You have been most helpful.

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