Homework week 2 | Nursing homework help

Read the following case study and answer the attached questions: 

Ming is a new nurse graduate who works in the clinic of a large urban teaching hospital. Lucy is Ming’s nurse manager at the clinic. One afternoon, Lucy approaches Ming and asks, “Ming, do you have any interest in representing the clinic on the hospital’s clinical board? I think it would be a great opportunity for you to use your leadership skills and learn more about the politics of the nursing profession.” Ming accepts the appointment and agrees to be present for every monthly meeting. Ming also promises to represent the clinic’s nurses in a professional and ethical manner.

Please Answer the following questions in APA paper format.

a.     What are the benefits of having Ming serve on the clinical board?

b.     Nursing salaries have not necessarily increased with the nursing shortage or demand for nurses. What are some reasons for this?

c.      What effect does cost-cutting have on the quality of care?

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