International finance | Business & Finance homework help



· Please answer each question. I do grade with liberal partial credit so please attempt each and every question as a blank questions will necessarily be given a ‘0’ grade

· This exam is given on the honor system and you may use the following:

ü Financial calculator

ü 2 sheets of paper, to be used as a study/memory aid with anything written on then that you wish, both sides

· You will have 3 hours to complete the exam from the moment you open the exam file, please do not read it ahead of time

· Complete the exam in a word file

· For problems involving calculation: Show all work – I do not give credit for answers only I want to see that you understand the finance involved in arriving at a solution

· Once you are done please submit to the midterm exam tab in our course site

· Each question is of equal weight.

I have attached the textbook for your reference

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