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Exercise 1. Do the exercise “Be the Manager” 150 – 200words

Exercise 2. Choose a company and follow the instructions below:
1. Open the Analytics Survey posted, assess your company through the analytics components, and then analyze the results.
3. List the weaknesses and strengths found in your company given by the analytics components covered by the survey.
4. Select one weakness that impedes to embrace the “Analytics” by your company and prepare an implementation plan to eliminate that weakness and then move on analytic philosophy. In order to be consistent with the implementation plan content, there are some examples of this kind of plan in the Course Document Link under the Implementation plan item. Read them and pick the one that satisfies you the most, and then prepare the exercise based on that one.

Exercise 3: Find a current and relevant article to you from any business magazine (use for this exercise) and write a 300-words comment about its content. 

Exercise 4: Powerpoint videotaped with audio

 Do the exercise “Building Management Skills”. Then, look at Figure 9.2. Based on the outcomes of this exercise, identify one weakness (or problem) after applying the Value Chain analysis, and prepare an implementation plan to solve the problem.
This exercise is an oral assignment.  It is recommended one slide per question/answer, and 10 minutes length.

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