Online discussion #1 | Criminal homework help

Reflect on what you’ve learned from the lecture slides, book  readings, and videos. Please read the definition below and answer the  following question in 200 words or less:

Ethnocentrism is judging another culture solely by the values  and standards of one’s own culture. Do you believe that ethnocentrism  may potentially play a dangerous role in preventing the comparison of  criminal justice systems around the world to that of the United States?

I would like to hear your personal thoughts on this topic. Please do not include any outside information in your post (quotes, citations, or websites).  Be sure to submit (1) original post to the discussion and also (1)  response to a classmate’s post for full credit. Also, submitting  additional posts or responding to multiple classmates is encouraged but  not required.

Abusive language or bullying should be avoided. Please  respect your classmates’ opinions and be mindful of your choice of  words. Thank you.

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