question 1 – organizational change: watch the video ‘organizational


Question 1 – Organizational Change: Watch the video ‘Organizational Change and Effectiveness at Ford.’ What were some of the changes that Ford was confronting at the time this video was produced? What steps did they take to manage these changes? Now that several years have passed since the changes in this video were implemented, what is your assessment of Ford’s change management strategy? Were they successful or not? Support your position by citing recent articles and by researching data on Ford’s market share, financial performance and long-term prospects.

Click HERE to view the video and Click HERE to read the transcript 

Question 2 – Sometimes Simple Change isn’t so simple : Read the case study “Sometimes a Simple Change Isn’t So Simple.” Consider John Kotter’s eight-stage process for managing change (in his book Leading Change). How do Kotter’s principles help to explain what went wrong in this organization when management tried to develop and implement a new system?


Kotter, J. P. (1996). Leading Change. Boston, Mass: Harvard Business School Press

CASE STUDY: Jernigan, Edward, and Joyce M. Beggs. “Sometimes a simple change isn’t so simple.” Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies 17.3 (2011): 41+. Business Insights: Global. Web. 15 Apr. 2016.

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