Reading response 2 mcintosh and drier

Reading responses are short write-ups comparing and contrasting two of the course articles. They are worth 20 points a piece and there are three assigned during the term.

Each response consists of 3 sections. The total length should be approximately 750 words. There is no partial credit. You must do all three sections and clearly mark each. You may not use quotes in the assignment.

Another reminder that proper citation is required for an assignment to be accepted. If you do not use proper citation (parenthetical citation is required), you will get a zero.

You will be graded on the following criteria:

  1. One or Two paragraphs summarizing the first article (Do not use quotes or copy and paste text) A summary means the core arguments of the author and one or two examples that illustrate their point. Also consider defining important terminology. You must keep your opinion out of the summary section. Before you can have an opinion you must demonstrate that you have a command of the main arguments. (33%)
  2. One or Two paragraphs summarizing the second article. (33%)
  3. One or Two paragraphs exploring the relationship between both articles. This is a compare and contrast section. You must show that you can compare different ideas from different authors. Do you agree on their ideas? You are also free to include other course content or academic (peer reviewed) articles. But you connect the two assigned articles In a meaningful and specific way. Always be sure to include a key argument of each author and at least one example to demonstrate their claim.
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