Security threats | Government homework help


Assignment Instructions

This assignment will require student to provide a PowerPoint presentation that offers the following information:


Identify three (3) specific security threats of your choosing that have been addressed in the book, Introduction to Security. Regarding each one, provide insight regarding security strategies, countermeasures, etc. to prevent and/or mitigate these threats. Lastly, provide insight regarding challenges to carry these efforts out and steps the security manager can take in addressing them in an effective manner.

PowerPoint Presentation

The presentation is to consist of the following slides:

  • Title slide
  • Introduction
  • Main content
  • Conclusion

A minimum of three slides should be devoted to each threat. A minimum of 400-500 words must be devoted to each threat and placed in the notes section at the bottom of the slides. A minimum of six (6) academically acceptable sources are to be utilized.

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