Sit740 research and development in information technology pass task

 It’s time to compare and contrast some papers to describe what makes a good literature review. In this task, you will read three literature reviews from the journal ACM Computing Surveys, and reflect on what makes a good literature review, and how it helps a researcher. You may download a PDF copy of the publications using ACM Digital Library. Submit the following files to Doubtfire: A PDF document with your reflections (300 words) You can choose any three review articles from the journal ACM Computing Surveys. But if you’re unsure which to choose, we recommended the following: Searching the Web of Things: State of the Art, Challenges, and Solutions A Taxonomy and Survey of Cloud Resource Orchestration Techniques Connected Car: Technologies, Issues, Future Trends Think about the following questions as you read each review: what is the topic of the review? how is the research in the topic of the review organized and presented: is there a taxonomy, a roadmap or a timeline? how are the papers compared and contrasted? what are gaps or areas of future work suggested? did you learn much from the review? Take note of what makes a good literature review. You could also read the articles this week to help you  with this task. 

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