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Part 1: Virtual and Face To Face Team Dynamics

Based on the three assigned articles, please prepare a power point presentation that compares the team dynamics of face to face and virtual teams. Apply what is learned in one article to the results from the other two articles. Remember, this is a presentation about team dynamics, not a review of articles. 

Here are some ideas you may or may not want to include:

Identify and explain some differences between virtual teams and face to face teams (identify the author who listed the difference. 

Identify tools that a leader can use to assist a virtual team with a conflict. 

How would a virtual or a face-to-face team each with a superior performer be impacted with a task conflict? With a relationship conflict 

Identify the elements in designing a physical workspace that facilitates communication. Apply those to a virtual team. 

Part 2: Discuss your learning outcomes:

As a group, present a discussion of your learning outcomes from the article review. 

Specific Instructions:

1. As a group, discuss requirements Develop power points. You power points should contain a minimum of 10 slides (excluding the title page, agenda, introduction, learning outcome, summary and reference list pages.

2. Use APA format throughout.

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