Unit 6: implementation | Operations Management homework help

Prepare a case study analysis of Case 12: “LEGO Group: An Outsourcing Journey” found in the Cases section of your digital book.

Closely adhere to the Case Study Analysis Template by clicking on the hyperlink. Please utilize this template format for this Assignment. Use titles and subtitles per the format for readability purposes.

Focus upon the idea of the company’s short-term objectives, and through internal and external analyses create functional tactics to support the company’s implementation and outsourcing proposition in order to help move LEGO Group forward. Be sure to include the SWOT analysis as shown in the Appendix of your paper (after the References page).

Assignment Checklist:

  • Conduct a SWOT analysis on the case study company’s internal and external challenges.
  • Create a case study analysis focusing on the company’s internal and external challenges through the development of short-term objectives.
  • Design the functional tactics required for the company’s implementation and outsourcing proposition.

In this Assignment on conducting a SWOT analysis on the case study company’s internal and external challenges, you will engage in developing the following professional competency:

For additional Assignment details see Rubric below.








The LEGO case involves a decision to outsource and offshore, and a later decision to bring their manufacturing back  in-house. The experience was actually good for them and helped make them the company that they are today.

Instead of trying to identify issues and find solutions, for this case under the alternative solutions and selected solution, please discuss what they learned from the experience.

The primary company that they selected for outsourcing was a good company and at the time this was a good decision. Both companies learned and benefited from the situation. It was not a bad idea to outsource and given where they were going financially they may not have survived as a company without this. 


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