Write 5 pages long | English homework help

 There are two modifications to “Is TV Love Like Real-Life Love?: A Critical Analysis” that I’d like to introduce to the assignment. 

1) You do NOT have to select TWO RELATIONSHIPS. You may analyse as many relationships as you like, or just one.

2) Instead of relying on just “one of the readings in this chapter,” use any of the material from the Romance Module as the support resources for your analysis. 

Remember that this Is TV Love Like Real-Life Love?: A Critical Analysis” PDF is a guide, not a strict blueprint for how to write your essay. You do NOT have to answer every question asked, but, rather, consider which questions are best to use for your own purposes.The rough draft will be due this Saturday (April 25th). It must be at least 2.5 pages long: MLA format, double-space

This will be due April 30th, and must be at least 4.5 pages long: MLA format, double-spaced.

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