Written assignment 4 – discipleship and a healthy church | DSMN 500 | Liberty University

 All assignments must be at least 5 pages and in current Turabian format. Each assignment must include a bibliography with a minimum of 5 scholarly sources   

For this assignment, you will explain how a healthy church is the goal for discipleship. Next, you will examine your personal church or ministry context and identify the top 3 areas that your organization needs to focus on to create a healthier body of Christ. Finally, discuss some initial steps your organization could take to improve its spiritual health.

Once you accept the work I will send you the User name and passowrd.

Book Reading Link  https://app.wordsearchbible.com/reader

  • Earley & Dempsey: chs. 20–22
  • Putman et al.: chs. 5–6
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